Our Story

Sample the Authentic Cuisine at our Local Asian Restaurant

Uncle Seven is a tribute to all the people’s chefs, living and legendary, who carry on the flame of Chinese cooking, from the remote villages of Fuzhou and Guangzhou to the bustling ports of Macau and Hong Kong and the shores of America.

From the Chef Alan Lee, a veteran of the Fairfield County food scene, who proudly operates Ching’s Table, open continuously in New Canaan, CT for thirty years, Uncle Seven is on a mission to reinvent Chinese food traditions for a new generation. Uncle Seven showcases modern and diasporic interpretations of classic Chinese wok, noodle, and rice bowl dishes. We believe in combining powerful flavors with the dedication to quality, freshness, and health that defines Chinese cooking. Our Asian restaurant is proud to serve customers’ throughout Norwalk, Darien, and Stamford, CT. Call or stop in today!

Our service areas:

Norwalk, CT

Norwalk is one of the oldest and most distinguished communities in Connecticut. With a rich history dating back to indigenous people, Norwalk was instrumental in the American Revolution and active in the area’s industrial advancement as a railroad hub. Today, Norwalk is one of the most populous cities in Connecticut and is simultaneously part of the Bridgeport and New York City metropolitan areas.

Darien, CT

Darien is the smallest town on Connecticut’s Gold Coast and is composed primarily of young, affluent, professional families. As with other towns in the region, Darien is made up of a variety of cultures and ethnicities, contributing to a rich local environment. Local diners insist on authenticity and excellence when eating out; if you live in the Darien area and are searching for a high-quality Chinese restaurant, Uncle Seven is a perfect choice.

Stamford, CT

Stamford is one of the largest and most driven cities in New England. It is home to nine Fortune 500 companies, making it the second-largest financial district in the New York metropolitan area outside of New York City itself. It is also one of the largest concentrations of corporations in the United States. If you live and work in Stamford, you don’t settle for second-rate. Visit Uncle Seven for high-quality Asian cuisine that will have you coming back for more!

Plan your Next Visit to our Inviting Asian Restaurant

If you’re interested in sampling our wide selection of signature dishes, don’t waste another moment. Simply plan your next visit to our local Asian restaurant! We feature distinct lunch and dinner menus to please the palate. On top of that, our talented kitchen staff offers an array of delicious offerings to please each member of your family. Don’t wait another moment to stop in and check out our Chinese restaurant menu. Simply contact one of our knowledgeable representatives if you’re interested in learning more about Uncle Seven.